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To follow COVID-19 safety measures, visits can be done via our easy-to-use telepsychiatry platform. Telepsychiatry is a great way for us to deliver quality care via your computer, phone, or tablet on our secure and HIPAA-compliant platform.

Welcome to Stonebridge Psychiatry

We provide high quality, compassionate and comprehensive psychiatric care to patients and their families.  The aim is to tune into your strengths and activate changes in your wellbeing to promote growth and health. Our services seek to develop a clinical alliance that empowers patients to develop their potential and improve their life.

At Stonebridge Psychiatry we support a practice that is experienced and compassionate.  Taking the first step is often difficult which is why we understand the importance of a patient-provider alliance.

Accepting New Patients

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We are LGBTQ friendly.

Meet Our Providers

Shelley Byrd, MSN, PMHNP

Shelley obtained her M.S. in Nursing at the University of Texas at Arlington and is a board-certified Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Shelley focuses on providing comprehensive and compassionate mental health care to her clients. Her clinical experience includes working with children, adolescents, and adults with a broad spectrum of psychiatric disorders. She believes in practicing holistically and includes her patients in their treatment plan by setting mutual goals and educating patients on their diagnosis and treatment plan. Shelley possesses strong clinical skills enhanced by a natural ability to build rapport with patients. She follows evidence-based guidelines blended with clinical experience, observation, and intuition.

Cindy Garrison

Cindy Garrison, MSN, PMHNP, PMH-C

Cindy obtained her M.S. in Nursing at Midwestern State University and is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and a professor of psychiatric nursing at Baylor University.

Cindy specializes in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders in adults and adolescents, and has more than 25 years of experience in psychiatric nursing. Cindy has additional training and certification in the field of maternal mental health, and has a passion for helping those struggling with issues during the prenatal (pregnancy) and postpartum (after birth) time frames. As a provider, Cindy has a non-judgmental, empathetic approach and believes every individual has the capacity to fulfill his or her own potential. In conjunction with medication management, Cindy incorporates wellness interventions into her clients’ treatment plans, including proper sleep, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and social connectedness.

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